Is monogamy so difficult?

Gone are the good old days when people would write letters to each other and survive years apart with the relationship just in place. With too many dating apps in the market, it seems like not only “exclusive dating” is tough but monogamous marriages will soon be a lie.

Like last week, I heard a guy friend cry over the breakup with his girlfriend. So the scenario was this:

Girl fights with the guy over some match. they fight and next moment just to show the guy what he was missing out on, she joins tinder! The guy breaks up immediately and he is also on Tinder now. Both have got over each other overnight by the way.

It’s not just about dating couples; even married couples have fallen prey to the virtual dating world.ย  Sometimes its boredom in present relationship, or just to check their “market value”, men and women are secretly creating accounts in dating sites. Some claim to be “just talking” to people, some say its all about “harmless friendships” while some say “just to browse”.

Monogami in today's world. What's you opinion about monogamy?
Being monogamous in the age of Tinder pic courtesy:

Then there is the scenario of long-distance marriage or relationships which working couples face. The absence of sex or companionship drives even genuine people towards everything that’s wrong for the relationship.

Who the fuck am I to judge? But…

I do have an opinion. Some may ask me to shove it up my ass but I will have one anyway!

Even if we don’t have problems in our relationships, sometimes when we see people fooling around we get insecure. Some gentlemen and women have come up to me and said: “we are not cheating on our partners”. I tell them, “honey, you don’t cheat only when you sleep with someone. sleeping begins with intention and conversations.”


It is about trust, I know. But all these married men flirting with dancers at a club, thinking its just one time, have wives at home who trust them.

I like people who are polygamous and outright open about it. At least no hypocrisy.

In every relationship, there is a fine line between being faithful and dishonest.ย  I believe trust is important but there’s no harm in keeping eyes and ears open. It’s okay to talk out with the partner if there’s any kind of discomfort or doubt. Better confront and talk and feel better than be insecure and investigate on your own. Making the partner comfortable and their best is also important as love and attention does not leave space for straying.

What’s your opinion? I am curious!

Should partners stop giving space to people? Should there be an open phone policy?

Where and when do you think there should be a line drawn?

4 thoughts on “Is monogamy so difficult?

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  1. Maybe not before but one should atleast draw a line since one goes in a life time relationship.๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Otherwise one would not look like a gentleman ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘


  2. Still there are people living with monogamy for years, but like to enjoy. With others just for fun , fantacy, knowledge and to quench mental thirst of sex that never quenched, practically they are shy, gentlemen and have values in life, they dont run for polygamy , can enter into sex if conditions are most favourable n able to keep secret,


    1. Polyamory is the term perfect i guess instead of polygamy. i know such “gentlemen” who do it and hide it and present a cleaner image of themselves socially by talking morals. the blog talks about them as well.


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