The August Fab Bag Review

Fab Bag is an amazing gift idea. Sometimes for self-gifting purpose or to make anyone feel special with this bag full of surprises. I gifted the August Fab Bag to my sister-in-law. She was alien to the idea of Fab Bag and absolutely loved the surprise element. Here’s a sneak peek of what all she got in the August Fab Bag.

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The contents of August Fab Bag

I love the creative on this personalized card. The bag was in a maroon and black combination. It wasn’t one of the best Fab Bags but classy nevertheless. And here is this list of contents it had:

  • Sugar Matte As Hell Crayon Lipstick- Elle Woods ( Full size): I loved the shade and it is my second favorite nude after Jackie Brown from the same range. It’s a woody brown and suits all skin tones. Surely borrowing it from Evana on days I look for a subtle lip shade. A sharpener was included, by the way!  I’ll review it soon!
  • Mond’Sub Skin Beauty Collagen Nose Mask ( Full size): Well the nose looked extremely funny and honestly I would have appreciated a full-face collagen mask than a nose one. Nose is most prone to blackheads and a blackhead clearing mask would have made sense. The mask costs 200INR per sheet. However, I checked Nykaa and they are giving out this one at 199INR for 3 sheets!
August Fab Bag Review, August Fab Bag content, Sugar Matte Lipstick Review
The products- mostly full size! 🙂
  • Biobloom face moisturizer (50ml): This is a good travel size product and I’m sure my bhabhi will find it useful during her honeymoon trip to the hills. The review will come only after she uses it.
  • Fuschia- Activated charcoal face and body scrub: We didn’t unpack this one. This is a totally new product and brand. The packing and colors are too cute. Surely sharing detailed images of this one very soon. I never heard of this brand before but it’s by the parent brand called Vkare.

August Fab Bag Review: yay or nay?

August Fab Bag Review, August Fab Bag content, Sugar Matte Lipstick Review
The August Fab Bag

My bhabhi totally loved the bag. She was amused at the quality of the Fab Bag with so many full-size products inside it. The surprise element was also new for her. I guess she is already a Fab Bag fan. Personally, any bag that gives away a Sugar cosmetic product is a winner for me. So I think I would rate this August Fab Bag 8/10. Minus 2 for the nose collagen mask.

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  1. I am eagerly waiting for the next fab bag surprise after having known that another one is on the way😀😀This is truely a wonderful way to self gift yourself with unknown surprise products.Thank you Fab bag and thank you Tarannum for this gift🤗🤗


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