Is social media the new emotion?

From pictures to content- everything that goes on social media has to have a filter, some polishing and long brainstorming about the expected reactions and comments before finally going live. Welcome to the age of virtual reality  that makes us worry about how our “friends” will react to our post than the real events in our lives.

My parents left me behind and went to the US for a vacation (I had no VISA). Somehow my way to express my anger/frustration was by not “liking” their social media posts. Later, my mom mentioned how people told her “Tina, didn’t ‘like’ any of your holiday posts”.

I was like “Whoa, okay people actually observe it”. This was back in 2016.

Then came WhatsApp read receipts. “You saw the message but you didn’t reply. How could you do that?”.

Earlier relationship drama would be when people didn’t meet or call each other. But the new age emotion is all about “likes”. Some unsaid rules have been formed. I know my close girlfriends “love” my Facebook display picture. I also know that my fiance is going to “love” it. And this is the pattern that goes on. If these social media behavior is in place, it means all is well. Funny, isn’t it?

social media, digital marketing, social media savvy, dating apps, online dating, relationships
Let’s not forget to talk to each other. Look beyond your phone.

I am in a relationship for more than a year but I never really had the itch to talk about it on social media. I had a reason. I have seen people in unhappy relationships who create a happy relationship illusion on social media. I am not saying all social media fanatics are faking it. But I have witnessed some really close people getting stuck in the social media drama while going through some real-life heartbreak. When I confronted them about the happy couple pictures, I got the answer “what would people say” or “the show must go on”.

I got engaged recently and I definitely updated my relationship status on Facebook, but I promised myself to make sure I “like” my reality more than what people are “liking” on my social account. I promised to make sure social media serves its purpose without becoming an emotion for me. I’d rather enjoy my date in real instead of “checking in” or browsing through my newsfeed. I don’t want to forget talking to each other due to online chat. My emotions- love, happiness, anger, despair got to be beyond the smileys.

social media, digital marketing, social media savvy, dating apps, online dating, relationships
Social media becoming an emotion?

I am extremely social media savvy (in fact I am a social media marketing professional)  but I have finally learned to draw the line.

What are your thoughts on social media taking over our personal space? Is it making us “like”/ “reaction” savvy puppets of technology? In a world where an individual gets judged with a swipe, what’s coming up next in human relationships?

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