It’s about the right boss and not the job

Honestly I have a fucked up resume at the moment. There has been a phase in life when I was sitting at home and wondering if this is it. This wasn’t the first time. I’ve been there before also. Things weren’t the same always though. I started my career with a really small company and learnt everything from scratch. I loved my job there and my life as well and I loved working for the organization. I used to see people switching to new jobs and one fine day when I got call from an MNC I got wings. It was tough to leave a job so dear to me to move into an all  new serious corporate culture.

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The right boss motivates you to bring out your best at work

Things started changing from then. I HAD TO keep switching after that due to issues like sexual harassment, work harassment and unsafe work environment. Yes I had to switch a lot. I have been advised to “try and survive” which I did but then how long do you go through such torture. So I quit because I wanted to stay sane in my head. A bad workplace can impact you as much as domestic violence can affect a human; after all you spend 8-10 hours everyday at your workplace.

I reflected and realized no matter how shitty your job is or how “not cool” your job profile is, it is extremely important to work for the right boss. My first job was cool because I got to work with really generous, talented yet humble people. I learnt things quickly as they were willing to teach and let me grow. You naturally get the urge to work for them and be better for them. What followed in the later phase of my life was totally the opposite because the humans I had to work for were terrible. I cannot be diplomatic here and I have to call what’s terrible “terrible”. Even in a huge organization with a huge employee count, if your reporting manager is “not nice” then the job is not going to take you anywhere.

After quitting my first job I got an epic reality check which wasn’t pleasant as I met bosses who were into:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Work harassment
  • Intruding
  • Misbehaving

Most of these issues were because I am a woman. Some men find you easy, some are “just curious” while some cannot handle you having your own voice. I have worked with fine gentlemen in the beginning of my career but midlife crisis got worse meeting these terrible men later in my life. For their silly interests my resume is fucked up and I am exhausted giving explanations to the world.

Recently one of these “horrible bosses” sent me an apology for the sexual harassment that I faced. It was so lame and I don’t know why he sent me that. I assume it was mainly to keep me off from writing about him as #metoo movement is bringing lot of skeletons out of closet.


Now when I go for interviews, some question my talents and skill-set. Some think “Oh she keeps switching”. Some don’t find my “jumps” justified. So what was I supposed to do? What would they have done if they were in my place?

Dude it is not teenage speed dating that one will have fun switching companies like men. Even I need a stable job where I can use my skill set and earn money. Just wanted to tell you guys that it’s okay to wait not just for the right opportunity  but also for the right boss. Gut feelings never fail trust me!

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