Counting the blessings in life

Life can be hard sometimes- it may make you struggle, it may make acceptance really difficult for you, sometimes it can be a loss or just a major change. Various stances leave us complaining about our lives. When things get severe, the ones who are vulnerable often get depressed( yes, mental sickness is real). I’ve been going through a major mental transition in my life which is triggering so many kinds of thoughts that most of you cannot imagine. It took me 5 hours of nap and one hour of being blank to realize that I am really lucky being wherever I am today and this is the time to count my blessings.

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Count your blessings every day

We find a million reasons to complain about our lives every day forgetting the major good things in our life. If you’re finding this preachy, then let me tell you why I sat down to write this. I get panic attacks and not every time I find someone who can counsel me. Not always is the SOS medicine going to be in my purse. What helps me survive is the thought that everything is alright and there is nothing that cannot be solved. But what keeps me going for the next few days after such attacks are counting my blessings. I try to focus on the good things in my life. Be it the lost weight or a tiff at home, there’s no mountain that cannot be conquered.

However, it is important to be alert and aware enough to identify if it is just a random phase or symptoms of mental sickness. Even if it is a mental illness like depression, it is important to carry on with your therapies, counseling and counting your blessings.

Thank you for reading!

FYI: In my blogs, I won’t ever tell you to skip medicines or ask you “OMG why do you take those pills?” or tell you to meditate to treat your “it’s just a phase”.



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