Family: Forever

We are born as babies and as we lay confused and crying about this whole new out-of-the-womb set-up, our family makes us feel comfortable and inducts us into the earthly affairs. As we grow up, we form our point of views, we grow into different humans and we also tend to grow apart from our family. I have had a tough time handling the differences with my family. We had different ideologies, different lifestyles as adults and also taste. I almost felt I am losing them and trust me they also feared the same.


What I learned slowly is that no matter how much we seem to loathe their ideas or how frustrating the arguments can get, we can never stop loving our family. When I paused in life and got a blank page I reflected how much they matter to me.

The friends I have always complained to about not being on the same page with family often come back to me telling “But you never got along”. Hard times taught me, it is not about getting along when it is family. It is about the love that has kept us together at all odd times.

Does this mean it gets all peaceful? the answer is no. We still stand up for our beliefs and the differences will go on. But we shouldn’t stop caring for each other. And that’s what overwhelms me about my family. We had really tough times and some serious differences. We may have complained about each other in front of third parties but when shit happens, we are there for each other.

It’s a satisfying feeling.


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