I took a break- Importance of a break

I took a break from the life I have been living past 6 years. Last 6 years have been all about going to work or looking for work, finding time to gym, cooking healthy meals and struggling to sleep.

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I took a break and it was high time I took it!

I decided to pause. I stopped it all. For once I wanted to be lazy, stress-free. I wanted to eat whatever the hell I felt like eating, sleeping whenever I want to, not obliged to answer anyone, take long baths and get back to reading more instead of watching more.

It was like being an adult baby but trust me its fun to take breaks like that. It can be re-energizing and also drive positive vibes in your life. Apart from that it was fun to be back to afternoon naps and gorging on raspberry yogurts after waking up in the evenings.

Okay confession time: I was also on therapy. Because of the therapy I decided to take the break to make sure it actually works. Therapy is more than popping in pills. It’s more about overall wellness which comes not only with medication but also with good living environment, a well-fed belly, a well-slept head and a loved soul. I dedicated to feel my body and soul in this period and it worked!

I took a break from blogging as well. I didn’t want to be the slave of social media, trying to document every detail of my life. I took a break from everything.

Now I am back to my job-hunting, doing some freelancing, blogging and also keeping up with my reading.

Most importantly I bonded with my family the way I never expected to.

Therapy works! Break works. Give your mind and body the break it deserves, even if its a tiny one.

Also wishing everyone a very happy World Health Day!

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