The longing for what’s not around

When I was dating my husband, I was juggling time between work, him and my family ( I was living with my sibling). Coming from a conservative Indian family, dating can’t be smooth trust me. I always longed to see my boyfriend end of the day. Had tiny random spats at home with my family for being out of home most of the time.


Now that I’m married and finally living with my partner, I felt a huge emptiness when I didn’t get to meet my brother for one entire week. It’s not that my new home isn’t great but its some genuine missing happening. The same thing happens when I am at my parents’ place. I miss my husband and my brother pretty much when I’m there but once I’m back in my den I tend to have meltdowns thinking about my parents.

I think human psychology drives us towards longing what’s not around us. We are also partly responsible for this as we tend to take things for granted. We take relationships and human presence for granted. It is important to remember that all good things come to an end and by good things I don’t mean fancy dates or family get-togethers and dinners but our everyday lives with them. Sometimes the chaos we hate today is the chaos we look for when it gets too silent.

If you think your family is dysfunctional, let me tell you every family is. In the middle of all disagreements and differences, we know they are the ones you can fall back on and you definitely miss them when you are at your best or worst phase if they are not around you.

And yeah I think all married girls miss their home and family members. I am one of them.

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