How I became a writer and why it’s difficult

FYI, this one's more like a rant.  I always wanted to be a journalist. Watching women on TV with mics in their hand with something happening on the background was a thrilling position to be for me. I wanted to be that woman always. Then I grew a bit and realized I love writing poems.... Continue Reading →

A man’s job in marriage

Many of my girlfriends got married last year and I got the chance to be part of a lot of pre-wedding discussions. Being a soon-to-be bride, I thought it would help me to understand what to expect from a wedding and marriage. The mothers, aunties and married friends were all over- from social media comments... Continue Reading →

Is social media the new emotion?

From pictures to content- everything has to have a filter, some polishing and long brainstorming about the expected reactions and comments before finally going live. We are more worried about how our "friends" will react to our post than the real events in our lives.

A fun shoot at Harika Studio

I have never been into professional modelling and being a camera-shy person I always preferred being the one doing makeup on my face or others'. However, I accidentally got to model for my friend's boutique- Harika Studio. My friend from work, Satya's wife Harika has her own costume design studio and they needed a make-up... Continue Reading →

The August Fab Bag Review

Fab Bag is an amazing gift idea. Sometimes for self-gifting purpose or to make anyone feel special with this bag full of surprises. I gifted the August Fab Bag to my sister-in-law. She was alien to the idea of Fab Bag and absolutely loved the surprise element. Here's a sneak peek of what all she... Continue Reading →

Sheet masking-real skincare or luxury?

I learned a lot about Korean skincare during my trip to Thailand. People are obsessed with whitening over there and use a special Korean Snail essence that happens to whiten skin! I personally don't believe in fairness or whiteness and I have always opted for skincare products to achieve clearer skin than whiter skin. However,... Continue Reading →

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