Therapy- what to expect and why you shouldn’t give up

I was on a long break and even though my heart was shattering at the thought of becoming a forgotten blogger, I realized I wanted to take some time off everything. A few months back I started seeing a doctor for my social anxiety and depression that haunted me every night. It was difficult to... Continue Reading →


Family: Forever

We are born as babies and as we lay confused and crying about this whole new out-of-the-womb set-up, our family makes us feel comfortable and inducts us into the earthly affairs. As we grow up, we form our point of views, we grow into different humans and we also tend to grow apart from our... Continue Reading →

Sheet masking-real skincare or luxury?

I learned a lot about Korean skincare during my trip to Thailand. People are obsessed with whitening over there and use a special Korean Snail essence that happens to whiten skin! I personally don't believe in fairness or whiteness and I have always opted for skincare products to achieve clearer skin than whiter skin. However,... Continue Reading →

My battle against migraine

I grew up watching my brother shutting himself in a room and not responding to the family for hours. My mother used to tell me to not bother him as he has a migraine attack. This is how I was introduced to the term "migraine". Little did I know that my adulthood will be affected... Continue Reading →

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